Twelve Men Of Wreay

twelve men of wreay

"The Twelve Men of Wreay" - The origin of this institution is uncertain. It consists of twelve men, as the name implies, to perform certain offices in the parish. They formed the village parliament over 300 years ago, and are in existence still. A man, once appointed, filled the office for life, unless he resigned, and his services dispensed with by vote of his colleagues. They received the rental of certain lands, appointed the schoolmaster, and distributed certain endowed charities through the overseers, and formerly acted as guardians of the poor.

There annual meeting was held in The Plough once it opened in 1786 and still to this day, the current Twelve Men still hold their annual meal at the Plough Inn nearly 400 years later.

The Twelve Men Of Wreay still continue to this day and have become a charitable trust.

Watch this news report on Look North about the history of The Twelve Men of Wreay and how they continue to work for the good of the people of Wreay Village.


1700 century clay pipes representing the original Twelve Men Of Wreay which can be found in The Plough Inn, Wreay.